WebMoney is an online e-wallet payment option that has been in existence since 1988. Although it was majorly established to serve Russian casinos but has grown in popularity as over 30 million users around the world us this service. One good this about using WebMoney is that it accepts different currencies across the globe. Another factor that makes the payment method unique is that it is safe and reliable to use across different platforms. In this review, we will be shedding more light on how WebMoney Casinos works. You can check https://www.euro-online-casino.co out to get more information about the top gambling sites.

How WebMoney Online Casinos Works

WebMoney is operated by WM Transfer Ltd based in Moscow. The payment method is fast and reliable to use across different platforms. As punters can make withdrawals and deposits conveniently. Users can apply for a physical or virtual WebMoney MasterCard or Visa depending on what they want the transaction they want to use the card for. The e-wallet payment option works well for players in Russia and other European countries. The payment option can also be used across all platforms - web or mobile platforms. Every transaction you do using this platform keep you anonymous so that you all your information don't get hacked.

Making a payment using this payment option is easy and simple. You need to check whether the online operator you're signed up with accepts the payment option. When you're sure they accept the payment method, you can now go to the WebMoney platform to register. You will need to provide the platform with some confidential information to register with them. Some of the confidential information is your name, your country of residence, your account information as well as other information. Then you will get a message on your mobile phone or email address that will contain a verification link to complete your registration.

How to Access WebMoney Account

When you have completed the registration process, you can then install a third-party app to be able to use some functionalities on the platform. This third-party app is WM Keeper Classic. You will need to install some extensions that will allow you to use the platform on Chromo or Mozilla Firefox. After you have installed all these extension, you can now start using the platform on your browser. You can check that your browser is updated with the latest functionality so that you can install the extensions with ease. You also need to ensure your windows defender is turned on while using the platform.

Merits and Demerits of Using WebMoney at Online Casinos

One benefit of using WebMoney is that you get full anonymity when you use the platform. Every transaction you so while using this payment channel is kept safe and secured from hackers. The platform ensures the details of the users are kept from anyone on the casino platform. The market of the platform was streamlined to offer the best payment solutions to Russian and European players but they have expanded their reach to other parts of the world. So users all over the world can access the platform to make different transaction online across all platforms - web or mobile platforms.

  • WebMoney helps to keep punters privacy
  • WebMoney is easy and convenient to use
  • UK punters cannot use the platform to withdraw their winnings

The first demerit of using the WebMoney payment solution is that you need to bear the cost of the services as nothing comes for free. For low stakers, this payment method can be expensive but high rollers know that they can get the best in terms of security and privacy with Webmoney. Even though some information contained on the platform's website is translated into English but the major part of the message on the website is written in Russia. UK players cannot use the payment method to make withdrawals as the payment channel is restricted in the country.